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Lancashire In A Day

Pendle Way In A Day I woke up at Dan’s crib this morning, having had a wee bunk down in Black Betty’s bed. A very comfortable slumber was had. Hope Betty doesn’t mind me stinking it out and leaving half my coat behind in it! Road trip time for some more Lancashire…Whatever the heck that […]

Epic Arran

An Epic Sleep After an epic sleep, the saturday morning alarms went off. I had a good old stretch, yawned like a howlin wolf and got into position outside the bedroom door. Ready to pounce and jump about like an eejit as soon as someone appeared. Felt like I hadn’t seen them in forever. When […]

Tollcross parkrun debut

The day I made my debut appearance at Tollcross parkrun… A few of our GSRR pals had decided to do a bit of parkrun tourism and me and mum thought we’d jump on the bandwagon. Tollcross turned out to be a very wise decision. Most other Glasgow parkruns were off due to very slippy conditions […]

Jim, King of the Park

Jim in Kings Park

So i’ve finally got to the bottom of this running around in dark in Kings Park malarkey! It all became clear one morning, I’d barely finished my full body stretch-shake my flappy ears routine, when we were off; pitch black, half asleep in the Bash mobile. I’ll just finish off that sleep thinks I.. Oh […]

Paws for running

PAWS IN A PUDDLE Now, there has been some strange behaviour going on round my way.. It started last (eh, do days have names?!..) Some time ago anyway, we dropped Kei off with her cub pack and then went to a new park I hadn’t seen before. In fact at this point I still hadn’t […]


Plean barkrun (see what I did there?!) wasn’t my first parkrun. In fact it was my third consecutive parkrun, having done the Crichton in Dumfries and my new local Queens parkrun in the two Saturdays previous. I must admit I’m getting pretty good at them! When I say ‘good’ I’m mainly referring to the reduction […]

A Load Of Running – Oh heck!

This weekend we did a heck load of running, it was fantastic. The weather couldn’t have been finer and I found myself in the company of some really great folk. Run after run After parkrun me, mum and dad parked up in Toddholes carpark and ran up Meikle Bin. Up, up up!! The views over […]