Beech Tree and Back event report

It is well documented how tough a year 2020 has been for businesses. For TRB, I think we have been relatively lucky. It’s been frustrating, and sometimes a little challenging, but with both Dan and I having full time work out-with the company we’ve not suffered from the downturn like many other business owners have.

The Beech Tree Inn…..

One such owner is Lynne Alldritt, of the Beech Tree Inn near Drymen. Perched on the end of the Campsies near Dumgoyne and ideally situated on the West Highland Way, the Inn is usually bustling with walkers, runners and cyclists. Many a Glasgow resident has also driven out to enjoy a nice Sunday roast, and show the children the fantastic animals which surround the outdoor seating and play area.

Children, and adults alike, are invited to feed the animals, ranging from canaries, finches and parakeets, to rabbits, goats and Shetland ponies. The goats Tom and Billy, sharing a pen with their duck friends are a coupe of real cheeky chappies! Many of the animals are rescues, given a wonderful forever home at the Beech Tree Inn.

Tough Times

The lockdown has hit the hospitality industry hard, possibly the hardest of all sectors. Lynne diversified to keep her head above water and began supplying the local community with goods. A great lifeline for locals unable to get the easy access to local shops that many of us urban dwellers take for granted.

West Highland Way users took advantage of the takeaway facilities, and frustratingly sat on the grassy banks kept out from the lockdown restricted beer garden and the menagerie of animals.

The ponies do not feed themselves! Comet, Teddy, Bolt and their animal friends are supported by the business. The business which has struggled under lockdown. Lynne appealed to her regulars, the passers by of the West Highland Way, the hikers of Dumgoyne to help feed the clan through these tough times. A Facebook appeal is still open if you wish to donate….

…..And Back

It was this appeal that led to the creation of the Beech Tree and Back. A virtual event, initially to encourage people to not just donate towards the care of animals, but to also visit the Inn for some much-needed custom.

The lockdown noose tightened shortly after the event was launched. We widened the net and encouraged participants to enter wherever in the country they were. Instead of a visit to the Beech Tree Inn being a prerequisite, folk now had to visit a nearby beech tree, a beach or visit another hospitality venue and grab a coffee of snack.

With entries from as far apart as Shetland and Spain, you guys were terrific in your support. Not only terrific, but inventive! Sunny beaches (obviously the Spanish entry), beech tree related care homes, pubs and coffee shops were all used as props. Distant views of “probable” beaches taken from hill tops were also submitted!

It looks like you all had some great fun taking part. And that is as important to me, as the amount we raised to help Lynne take care of here animals.

Closing on a fantastic sum, we tagged the Christmas Migo Mile on to raise a few extra pennies to tip us over. Together we raised £600! Thank you!

A delighted Lynne said, ‘Thank you so much, I can’t tell you how grateful I am’.

Participants should all have now received their TRB/Beech Tree Inn buff. Anyone still wishing to donate to the animal’s upkeep can do so here.