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prefers long distances

Ginger dude who loves trails, dogs and beer.

Pic: Kirsten Cowling

alex's gospel

A Major runner

A ‘Major’ runner on a mission. Takes his running seriously

Pic: Kirsten Cowling

Dan's Gospel

Auntie Anne
Running tales for a running niece

Running is a family past time. Anne used to regale her father with tales of her running exploits, and now shares them to her niece and TRB.

Anne's Gospel

Running with romy
tales on the run

A former road runner, Romy has developed a passion for the hills. Romy likes getting to know other runners. Hearing their stories, talking about PBs, races, and why they love to run,.

romy's gospel

Jim the Dog

Jim's Gospel

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award winning guest bloggers

Guest's Gospel

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