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The Sad Demise Of The Small Race Trophy

Mabie Forest pre race team photo

Hi Coach, In the absence of negative feedback, I’m assuming (tacit) permission to treat you as an ‘alternate audience’ when my usual audience (Running Niece) is in the same race at Mabie Forest😊 Mabie 10k Trail Race. 10/06/18 Is there a setting more beautiful but still eminently accessible, than Mabie Forest? This wee race has […]

Strathspey Double

Strathspey Double - Steam train and carriages

Hi Coach, One of the amusing things we (Planman and me) realised early in our running ‘career’ is that when normal (not runners) people ask you about your race, they really don’t want any more than ‘it was good, thanks’. Eyes glaze over and interested smiles become fixed and (if you persist) painful when you […]

Semi Marathon de Paris

Paris by night

Hi Niece 😀 You know how people always seem to start races with all their excuses for why they aren’t going to be very good today? Well Uncle Planman and me were trotting along on the ‘easy 2 miles’ start of a ‘hard long run’ today chatting about Paris and I said I thought our […]

Annan River Race

Two runners complete the race at Annan

Dear Niece One of the rubbish things about losing ground on your fitness is feeling unreasonably tired for an unreasonably long time after a race. No way I’m agreeing it’s old age 😂 Track on Thursday night (4 days after the DUNE HM, big hills, blizzards etc) was an exercise in grim determination, a time […]


Runners going up the hill in DUNE Half Marathon

Hi Niece They bill this one as DUNE, the Cross Border Half Marathon (no passport required – yet!) and there’s no sand in sight. The name is because it goes to Dundalk (DU) in the south of Ireland from Newry (NE) in the north.  It’s always a bit chancy entering races in early February…and sure […]