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A Hip Runner

Paddy sunrise Kilpatricks

Running with Paddy Bayliss It’s a bright Saturday morning, clear skies and sunshine, but cold – autumn has definitely kicked in. I’m driving to Clydebank to meet Paddy Bayliss for a chat and a run around the Kilpatrick Hills. I like getting to know other runners. Hearing their stories, talking about PBs, races, why they […]

Six Parks Relay

An idea that seemed to come “in a couple of heartbeats”. It wasn’t really difficult. The route was there. It’s a GSRR favourite, and many folk know it. The idea? A relay using the traditional South Side Six route – a six parks relay. To add extra interest, and as guidelines allowed, each leg to […]

“What Should I Do Coach?”

“What should I do coach?” As COVID19 spread, the world progressively went into some kind of lockdown. There was one question consistently ringing in my ear from fellow runners. One thing was for sure, this was an opportunity for us to use some time wisely. I started creating “Running Made Easy,” an online course for […]

Wee Yin Goes West Highland

The Dream Come True For me toeing the start of the 95 mile West Highland Way Race wasn’t just a dream come true, it was nothing short of a miracle having come through severe upsets in life leading to nearly losing my life less than 4 years ago and at best the prospect of being in a […]

Running for Beginners

Hello, I’m Jordan. This is my first blog post for The Run Bible so, before we get on with the post I’ll tell you a little more about myself – don’t worry I’ll keep it brief. I’m a Track & Field Athlete from West Yorkshire and compete almost all weekends throughout the track season, I’m […]

So you want to start running?

So you want to start running? Well you have come to the right place, and taken the first step. Now there are many types of people who want to start running and I have been many of those people. At different times maybe, but you’re not alone. I have been the youngster that showed promise […]

Big Macs and Halfies

Some runners - Big Macs and Halfies

Sh*t. That’s not exactly the first word I had in mind for my first blog post on The Run Bible, but believe me when I say it’s the first word that leaped into my head when I hit the submit button on the website of the Edinburgh Marathon Festival’s half marathon application page! Writing for […]

How to improve your running?

Cross Country runners. Improve RUNNING

Most people generally take up running to lose some weight, feel a bit fitter maybe do a charity event etc. Some are happy to continue just having a jog round the park, some decide they want to challenge themselves to get faster times and/or further distances, others decide they want to be the best they […]