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Beech Tree and Back event report

It is well documented how tough a year 2020 has been for businesses. For TRB, I think we have been relatively lucky. It’s been frustrating, and sometimes a little challenging, but with both Dan and I having full time work out-with the company we’ve not suffered from the downturn like many other business owners have. […]

Migo Mile for October

Migo Miles

Migo Mile for October October landed, and the leaves fell – along with the rain. With the clocks going back, there was some limitations on the amount of daylight hours that would be available to participants of the Virtual Migo Mile for October. This event was run as a virtual event like it was in […]

Race Organiser

2020 has, easy to say, been a challenging year for us all. Whilst appreciating the severe hardships and, in some cases tragic events this year had brought to some people, I thought I’d share the somewhat trivial concerns of being a race organiser! I’d like to point out, I am most certainly in no way comparing […]

Trees for Life

Tee or Tree Highland forest

If you’ve ever entered a TRB event, you will know we give our runners plenty options. We know that you’re all individuals, and we want your race entry to reflect you. Not everyone likes a t-shirt, or a medal. Such things are optional extras for TRB race entrants. We’ve recently added Notches to our options, […]

LEJoG – A French run?

The easing of lockdown restrictions around the country, leaves many of us hoping for the return of racing. We all wait with baited breath for the first race which will go ahead and in what format. For others though, the easing has meant they can now take on a large scale challenge. Sabrina Verjee and […]

Virtual Events and the SA £2 levy

The SA £2 levy Most of us will enter a race – certainly all the runners I know do. And we are all used to seeing the prices displayed in a format such as £13/£15. Non-Scottish Athletics runners are expected to pay a £2 levy. This is collected on their behalf by the event organiser […]

REVIEW – Harrier RunFree Soft Flask

As a long distance runner I am always on the hunt for options for hydration during a run. On many occasion I read comments and question on social media as other runners seek similar answers: “What’s the best hydration pack?”; “What do people drink when they are running?”; ”How much water should I run with?”; […]

Pendle Way In A Day Ultra

Pendle Way marker

Pendle Way In A Day. It was some day. There was mud à plenty. Hills and inclines seemed more prevalent the descents and downhills. And wind. Wind, no matter what direction you faced it seemed it was a headwind. A constant companion for the 40-odd miles of the way. Now I say “40-odd”, as this […]

Lancashire In A Day

Pendle Way In A Day I woke up at Dan’s crib this morning, having had a wee bunk down in Black Betty’s bed. A very comfortable slumber was had. Hope Betty doesn’t mind me stinking it out and leaving half my coat behind in it! Road trip time for some more Lancashire…Whatever the heck that […]

Birthday Bash at Plean parkrun

Haud Yer Wheesht

Sidekick suggested a wee trip to Plean parkrun. With plans for Wooler Trail Marathon scrapped, and given the weather they had, maybe a lucky escape; It’s been a while since we were there – the Downey’s 500 celebration to be precise in June 2018 Towing the line…. As it happens, it was Plean’s 2nd Birthday […]