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Running Safely

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Running Safely Running is one of the most important and popular ways of keeping fit – both physically and mentally. It is important to train sensibly not only in terms of setting achievable aims and goals, but also to keep safe. You will never get that PB if you get hit by a moving car […]

Barking back to 2019 – a look back at a year

Barking back to 2019 2019..Where to start?! The year that my life turned around and upside down. It has been epic on so many levels. Goodness knows what I was up to this time last year. Probably pottering about on the farm, chatting to the horses and avoiding the pesky cat gang (and stealing their […]

Migo Mile race starts in iconic Glasgow park


First footing Sunday 24th November saw the first open event of the Migo Mile. With October’s event, closed and a test event for Glasgow South Road Runners, yesterday’s race was the first official running. With a slight confusion over age limits, a couple of eager juniors were allowed to race. Not wanting to disappoint and […]

Migo Mile

Migo Mile finishers

TRB took a big step this weekend just gone…. We’ve gone race organiser with the Migo Mile! Starting small, we dipped our toes in the water with a test event. Hopefully a regular 1-mile time trial in Glasgow’s Queen’s Park. Using Alex’s local running group, Glasgow South Road Runners, as guinea pigs; ten hardy souls […]

So you want to start running?

So you want to start running? Well you have come to the right place, and taken the first step. Now there are many types of people who want to start running and I have been many of those people. At different times maybe, but you’re not alone. I have been the youngster that showed promise […]