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Race Organiser

2020 has, easy to say, been a challenging year for us all. Whilst appreciating the severe hardships and, in some cases tragic events this year had brought to some people, I thought I’d share the somewhat trivial concerns of being a race organiser! I’d like to point out, I am most certainly in no way comparing […]

South By Five – Qx5 – Queens Park

Queens Park start

And so it came. Has it really been 10 weeks since we started this series? We’ve reached the finale – Qx5 – Queens Park. In some ways, it doesn’t seem that long since the first race in Kings Park. Then you cast your mind back and realise it was in November, and that sounds ages […]

South By Five – Bx5 – Bellahouston Park

Bellahouston Bx5

Bellahouston Park, Bx5 With the leaderboards hotting up, we headed into the penulitimate event, Bx5, in Bellahouston Park. It was touch and go whether we would proceed with this event. Clearance was granted from Glasgow City Council on 24th January due to ongoing groundworks and drainage problems in the park. There was a huge sigh […]

South By Five – Px5 – Pollok Park

Race 4 Pollok Park Px5 Race 4 in Pollok Park was nearly a non-event. Frost and ice had played havoc with the local parkrun events across Glasgow on Saturday. Numerous cancellations included Pollok Park. With this in mind the Race Director, Alex announced on Saturday afternoon the race start would be delayed 30 minutes to […]

Rouken Glen Rx5 Race report

Rouken Glen waterfall

South By Five – Rx5 Junior parkrun in Rouken Glen left us with a slightly later start time than the previous events. It still didn’t give some folk enough time to get to the start line on time! A few folk lost through the glen, marshals contacting race control to say runners were on their […]

Lx5 Report

lx5 ducks

South By Five – Lx5 Linn Park was host to the second in the South By Five series. Race two promised to be muddy and wet. Given how soaked the course had been during the week, the puddles had receded somewhat, but plenty of mud remained. Linn Park is Glasgow’s biggest public park (pedantic definition, […]

Kx5 Race Report

Kings Park, Race Report The inaugural event in Kings Park, Kx5; the first in the series, South By Five also known as Sx5. The skies over the park threaetened rain. They were to come good with their threats, but fortunately for the most part just the volunteers packing down caught the brunt of the weather, […]