Dan Dan the (now) Beardless Man & The Sophie Rocks 2019 Challenge Finale….

Hi all!

Hope you and your families are all well in these crazy pandemic times!  In my last blog I’d given an update on the Sophie Rocks 2019 fundraising challenge (covering Jan-Sept 2019), with a wee promo video (watch it again via my previous post here) to persuade people to vote for me (I was nominated as Legal and Generals ‘Charity Fundraiser of the Year 2019’ in their yearly Chairman’s Community Awards).

Well I only went and won – thanks to you lot!!!! As promised, in return for your vote here’s an update on how the final three months of the challenge went.  I had another wee weep when creating this video, the December section is almost unbelievable – a testament to how far we can push our bodies with the right motivation (although something I’ll almost certainly never replicate).

Here’s me (beardless, very tall one) picking up my award in the big smoke (that there Landan) in late February.

Hope you enjoy the follow-up vid below (again recommend you have the sound on for the kick-ass Jetpacks soundtrack..).