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South By Five is a series of six 5k races inspired by the iconic Southside Six race. That 16-mile race visited King’s Park, Linn Park, Rouken Glen, Pollok Park, Bellahouston Park and Queen’s Park.

South By Five will host a 5k event in each of the six parks. The series offers a good selection of multi-terrain surfaces, and some original Southside Six race features

KIT 4 KENYA (in association with Colin Thomas and Migo Sports)


We will have a collection of your preloved gear (shorts, tees, trackies and shoes that are in decent condition please) at registration – if you could tie the shoes together with the laces and put a note inside them confirming the size that would help the grateful recipients to sort these easily.


Time: Sunday 5th January, 10:30am  – NOTE CHANGE OF START TIME TO OTHER RACE SERIES

From: Rouken Glen, Stewarton Road entrance (What3Words ref ///learn.voters.year)


David Lloyd Leisure have a members’ only parking. Please do not use their car park.

Registration: From 09:45am until 10.15am at the start area, just up the trail from the Leisure Centre car park

Race brief: 10:20am at start line

Timing: Electronic timing from ProTay

Numbers: Allocated on arrival. Race series numbers are to be returned to race control at the finish. They will be re-issued at each event.



Run on the park’s trails and paths, these can be slippery and muddy in places with water run-off, and autumn leaves. There is some steps, both up and down. There is a wet grassy slope. Trail trainers are best for this event. Road shoes will work, but you will need to be extra careful!

The route consists of two anti-clockwise loops, with an out and back section for the start/finish. It’s not flat 😊



The course will be marked but we cannot vouch for numpties tampering with the markings, or fuds who can’t follow directions!

There will be marshals dotted at key points, wearing hi-vis vests because they are heroes! Listen to them, follow their instructions, say “hi” and say “thanks” – they are all volunteers there for your benefit.

If, in the unfortunate event, you need to drop out please (if able) return to race control. No-where on the course is too far away from the start/finish. If you are unable to return to race control – inform the next passing runner and/or nearest marshal immediately.

First aid will be provided by Ambulance Scotland and will be present on the course.


There is no water stop on the course. Water will be available at the finish. In an effort to reduce plastic waste, the water will be supplied from expandable water carriers. Please bring your own bottle/cup


Timing for the event is electronic and provided by ProTay Timing & Events. Provisional results will be available after the race. Once verified they will be published to Scottish Athletics and other relevant results services.

There are no prizes for the individual events. Individual event entrants will be offered goodies and a race memento at the finish. Series runners will be offered their mementos on 16th February. We say “offered” not “given” – if you don’t want it, don’t take it! Let’s not waste stuff!

Series prize giving will take place in Queen’s Park Bowling Club following the final race on February 16th. There will be hot soup and roll available for participants of the QP race. Everyone else can make a donation to the club for theirs! Series prizes will be based on your best 5 race positions from the 6 races – if you miss a race no worries!


Toilets in the Pavilion Visitor Centre and cafes. Please arrive ready to run. We shouldn’t really need to say this but…… PLEASE DO NOT USE THE PARK AS A TOILET!


There are numerous local bus routes which serve the park. Check the operator websites for details.

Nearest train station to Rouken Glen is Whitecraigs, which is only a short walk from the park.

There is public parking at several car parks around the perimeter of the park. There is junior parkrun in the park on a Sunday. Bear this in mind for parking.

Feel free to take your children to junior parkrun before our event!

Bags/jackets can be left at the registration at your own risk.

RULES – short and sweet:

1. Respect the marshals. They give their time so you can run!
2. Always follow the marshal’s instructions, especially at road crossings. Failure to do so could result in being disqualified
3. Running under a false name/number will result in immediate disqualification from this and all future races. If you are also a member of a running club or SAL, we reserve the right to inform them too.
4. Don’t litter. Anyone caught littering will be banned from future races and disqualified on the day.
5. The park is shared with others. Respect them and they will respect you. Smile, say hello and remember you are doing something great!
6. No dogs. The race is under SAL permit

Happy Running!
Team TRB
Sx5 queries to: southbyfive@gmail.com

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