So everyone knows we at TRB are big fans of the Southside Six. We even created a whole race series inspired by it – South By Five. Not happy with it inspiring just one event on our calendar, a small spark flickered recently during a lockdown potter around Pollok Park – the Six Parks Race.

With all the virtual events floating about, including our own in Glasgow and Preston, why couldn’t this iconic route also go virtual?

Six Parks Relay

Having been in “lockdown” for over 100 days now, it is nice to be back able to run with someone. We decided to factor this into this event ( a solo version will be coming soon). Bring a pal along to run with…in fact split into legs, make it a relay and run it in pairs! Six to a team, with a choice of distances…who will you pair together Captains?

Six Parks Relay logo

The regs

  • Team Captains – are encouraged to give your teams a name! There’s a prize for the best one.
  • It’s not an official “race”. There is no mass start. Each team picks their own start time between 18th July and 26th
  • Each leg must be run consecutively.
  • Both runners in the pair must start and finish the leg together.
  • Legs do not need to be run on the same day. Handover to the next leg can be “virtual”.
  • Elapsed time to be counted not moving time! No dithering, but please take care at road crossings. Use pedestrian crossing when available, traffic islands etc. Breaking this rule could be punishable by severe injury or death.
  • Team Captains to collate their team results and submit to race control – Now we know this is quite easy to fudge….please don’t it’s not in the spirit of the event.

The legs

These are broken down into nice chunks which allow for ease of changeover. Ensure you do not block the path or roads when starting or finishing a leg.

There are three legs – each leg must have two runners from your team running together.

1st Leg is QP to David Lloyd Leisure at Rouken Glen. Changeover is at the bottom of the lane at the bollards.
Click map or link for further route details 12.4km

2nd Leg is David Lloyd Leisure to Cartha Rugby Club 6.6km. Changeover is Cartha Rugby Club gates. Stay out the way of traffic!
Click map or link for further details 6.5km

3rd Leg is Cartha Rugby Club to QP. Ensure you take the correct path on entering QP. The “New Path” is not the correct route! Finish at QP is marked from days a yore by a spray-painted green mark on the path, just before the crossroads.

Click map or link for further route details 6.5km


Parks are popular with dog walkers, cyclists, walkers, runners and others! Please be aware of them, and apply social distancing when and where necessary.

More tips on safe running can be found here



Six Parks Relay will be supporting Funding Neuro, and you will have the option to donate on sign up.

Funding Neuro have the aim is to accelerate the development of new treatments for many of the most serious neurological conditions.

Find out more here


Results and updates will be published on the TRB website and/or social media

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