Dan & Alex (The Disciples)


Very tall bloke

Very tall bloke, originally from Helensburgh, with ties to the North East and the North West of England (currently lives in Preston). A long suffering Newcastle United (football), Rugby Union (Scotland) and Boxing fan – who started running races around 2012 to escape his regular sporting-related disappointments.

Running facts… Favourite distance: Either Half Marathon or Marathon. Favourite Race (so far): A tie between Paris Marathon or The Highland Fling (Ding Ding!). Brand of Trainer: Saucony (for road and trails). Worse experience in a run: Skitters before the Great North 10k and having to quickly wet wipe inside of shorts before start. Post-race I always…: Drink Brewdog and scotch whisky. Running hero: Zola Budd

Ginger-ish (of what hair is left)

Ginger (ish, of what hair is left…) bloke originally from near Blackburn, with strong ties to Glasgow & Kirkintilloch (current lives in Partick). A keen mountain hiker/explorer, before evolving in to basically running everywhere and all distances (a recent ultra-marathon convert…).

Running facts… Favourite distance: Ultra-marathons. Favourite Race (so far): Ding Ding (The Highland Fling). Brand of Trainer: Several, depends on the terrain and what I’ve been given for free J. Worse experience in a run: Having the theme to Bullseye and thoughts of Avril Lavigne naked, in my head on repeat, during an ultra-marathon (which made it difficult to focus). Post-race I always…: Support other finishers, chat to everyone and drink cider. Running hero: Fiona Ramsay(!) and Killian Jornet (for different reasons)