Chia Charge – Flapjacks (20 x 80g Bars)

Chia Charge Flapjacks are balanced high energy bars, made from a recipe that enables a fast energy boost to be backed up with slower burn carbs, so there is no post gel crash in energy, you just keep moving forward with real food.

We have created the perfect formulation for fuel that is delicious and easy to eat on the go. This recipe contains only wholesome ingredients that you would find in your kitchen cupboard.

Consumption:?During activity we are advised that most people will metabolise 300-400 calories per hour, so one flapjack per hour could replace 3 or 4 sports gels.

Everyone trains differently and for important events we recommend you practice your nutrition strategy every bit as much as you practice your sport.

For a trail marathon, we might eat a flapjack 90 to 30 minutes before the start. If you are going for a run after work you might eat a flapjack in the late afternoon before you go training.

Storage Instructions:?Store flapjack in a cool dry place.

Shelf Life:?Typically there will be approximately 5 months life remaining on the flapjack energy bars delivered giving you ample time for usage.?


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