Custom cushion covers – Upcycle your old running shirts!

No room left for your old running shirts? Can’t bring yourself to give them away to charity or others? Such are the fond memories you associate to them….the pride of that epic run – yet you’ve ran out of drawer space…..We have a solution, upcycle them!

TRB can transform and upcycle your running shirt/s into awesome cushions – using one or two shirts, depending on what you’d like on the front & back of your cushion (see examples shown in cover photo & below). NOTE: The size of the cushion produced will either be 16″ or 12″ depending on the size of the shirt/s you want upcycling.


  1. We’ll charge you for producing the cushion cover only (£10) or cushion cover & padding (£15),
  2. Plus P&P (£5) to cover both sending you (a) the return packaging to send your shirt/s to us in and (b) the final product back to you,
  3. You then pay the tracked postage costs to send the t-shirt/s to us for upcycling (approx. £3.50p)
  4. Bringing the total cost to approximately £18.50p (cover only) or £23.50p (cover & padding).

We’ll also soon be able to upcycle your old shirt/s into other items, such as:

  • Shopping carrier bags for life,
  • Draft excluders (just in time for winter), 
  • Pregnancy cushions,
  • Blankets,
  • Dog neckerchiefs,
  • Bandanas/buffs.

You provide the running shirt/s and we’ll do the rest – our simple 7-step process is….

Here are some examples currently residing in the TRB household (made from Dan’s favourite old running (large sized) shirts):