High 5 – Cycle Pack

The HIGH5 Cycle Pack is a selection of cylists favourite products. Whether you are new to sports nutrition or training for a event, this pack is full of all your nutrition essentials. You will have everything you need for your next ride to help sustain your performance and stay hydrated. It includes a 750ml Drinks Bottle (leak-proof top, food grade plastic and dishwasher safe).

This pack is suitable for vegetarians and contains an assortment of bestselling flavours.

Pack contents: 2x Energy Gel + 2x Energy Gel Caffeine + 1x Energy Gel Aqua Caffeine + 2x Energy Drink sachet + 1x Energy Drink Caffeine Hit sachet + 1x Recovery Drink sachet + 2 x Energy Bar + 1x ZERO Citrus 10 tab tube + 1x 750ml Bottle


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