Kendal Mint Co – Energy Gel Refill and Flask

The Simpler, Faster & Cleaner way to consume Energy Gels – The new refillable KMC energy gel flask removes the need for single-use plastic gel sachets, reduces packaging waste by over 60%. Combine your refill pouch with our ultra-durable, pocket-sized, refillable KMC X Hydrapak 150ml Gel Soft Flask.

  • Winner of Best In Test and Eco Champion, Women’s Running Mag. “I would happily give them six stars if it didn’t fly in the face of our entire review system.”
  • Simply unscrew the lid, pour your energy gel into the carefully designed, wide-neck, gel soft flask and screw the lid back on once done.
  • You can fill it all the way up for two gel serves, or up to the conveniently marked line for one 70g gel serve.
  • That’s up to 54g of Carbohydrate in every pocket-sized Gel Flask!
  • A great British product specifically designed sports nutrition to give you that cutting edge.
  • Vegan and Gluten free.



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