Kendal Mint Co – NRG Gels (24 x 70g Gel)

If you are looking for the ideal balance of taste and deliverability you will be spoilt for choice. RECHARGED formula provides your body with a dual charge system for quick but long-lasting energy release; added B vitamins for more effective energy delivery; and electrolytes to aid hydration and physical performance.

Available in a variety of powerful and refreshing flavours, that are also kind on your stomach. Gels are also Gluten Free and suitable for Vegans!

You will find at the core of all KMC energy gels the natural flavour of mint. Mint is amazing, it not only tastes great, but has other many other proven beneficial qualities as a soothing herb, an antispasmodic and even increases pain threshold!

  • Mint has been known for thousands of years as a natural calming and soothing herb. It is made up of 78% menthol which encourages bile to flow into the Duodenum, where it promotes and aids digestion.
  • Mint is also a natural and potent antispasmodic which relaxes the action of muscles making digestion and the subsequent release of energy quicker, and also kinder on your stomach.
  • Mint has even been proven to naturally increase the pain threshold of the human body! (Quite handy when you need that extra edge on your components)


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