Mud Mate – Eco Friendly Boot / Shoe Cleaning Device

An innovative boot and shoe cleaning device . A must-have item for anyone playing sports such as Football, Golf, Rugby or who loves the great outdoors and running and hiking. A complete shoe care solution using minimal effort, water and time.

A brand new bottle top cleaning brush that is amazing value, easy to use, portable, can be attached to many different sizes of bottle (and if they split just recycle another one) and comes in its own handy container!

Perfect for getting mud and grime off boots, shoes, wellies, bike wheels, tack, window frames, grout and so much more. By using MUD MATE you are recycling single use plastic and are making difficult cleaning jobs easy

Benefits of Mud Mate

  • Helps to prolong the Lifespan of any Footwear
  • Fast and Easy Way to Clean 
  • Small, Portable and comes with a storage box
  • Uses 80% less plastic than other boot cleaning brushes.
  • Re-use and then recycle: makes use of ever day plastic bottles we throw away.


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