Run Every Day (R-E-D) 31 day challenge for Norah

TheRunBible (TRB) are delighted to announce the Run Every Day (R-E-D) 31 day challenge in memory of Norah Paddington.

A virtual event with all proceeds going to her grandson Bailey’s fundraiser (to have a memorial bench in her honour, placed near her favourite park in Whitchurch, Shropshire).

Meet Norah Paddington

Norah Paddington passed away aged 90 years young on Boxing Day 2020 after a battle with Alzheimer’s, she was well known in the town of Whitchurch, Shropshire and a well loved lady by friends and family. Always laughing and smiling right to the very end. Her grandson Bailey, decided to take on a fundraising challenge in her memory, to raise funds for a memorial bench to be placed in the cemetery where she was laid to rest (close to her favourite park in Whitchurch).  More on his challenge and how you can join him….

Bailey’s Fundraising Challenge for Norah

Norah’s 91st birthday would have been on the 11th June 2021. Bailey decided to embark on a 91-day Run Every Day challenge that started on the 13th of March, with him running 5km every day!

Enter this event to join him virtually for the final 31-days from the 12th May to 11th June inclusive. You don’t have to run 5km per day like Bailey, you can choose your own distance and you don’t have to run it all either (you can walk bits…. ;)). 

100% of your entry proceeds go to Bailey’s fundraiser to help him get passed the £1000 target he needs for the memorial bench for Norah. TRB will be joining Bailey on his final run on the 11th June, to help drag him along the finish line…

Want to get involved?

  • Join Bailey for the final 31 days of his fundraiser for Norah, by taking on your own distance challenge (run or walk) for a small entry fee with optional extra’s available and all proceeds going into Bailey’s fundraising pot.

Choose your Run (or walk) Every Day for 31 Days Challenge Distance:

  • 1 mile per day (31 mile total)
  • 2 miles per day (62 mile total)
  • 5 km per day (155 km / 96 mile total)
  • 5 miles per day (155 mile total)
  • 10 km per day (310 km / 192 mile total)

When and where is it?

  • When? 31 days from the 12th May to 11th June (inclusive)
  • Where can you run? Anywhere you like, it’s a virtual event. Please remember to respect the latest covid-related restrictions.

How much is it?

  • £5 standard entry (all proceeds to Baileys fundraiser in memory of Norah)
  • £10 entry with an engraved medal (£5 to fundraiser + £5 to pay for the engraved medal, incl P&P)
  • NOTE: The engraving (on the back of the medal) will have your name & distance achieved
  • Option to make a further donation to Baileys fundraiser

NOW OPEN FOR ENTRIES! Complete your entry form (on this page), proceed to pay and best of luck!


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