SIS – Performance Nitrate Gel (6 x 60ml Gels) – DISCONTINUED

About the SiS Performance Nitrate Gel

Performance Nitrate Gel is an energy gel delivering 20g carbohydrates and 250mg nitrates. The nitrates are sourced from a unique combination of Rhubarb Juice Concentrate and Amaranthus Leaf Extract, providing a superior taste profile and delivering a higher nitrate dose compared to anything else on the market.

The carbohydrate + nitrate in session gel can be taken 60-90 minutes into endurance exercise to provide energy, maintain elevated levels of blood nitrate and reduce the oxygen cost of exercise.

Key Features

  • 20g Carbohydrate per gel
  • 250mg Nitrates
  • Nitrates sourced from Rhubarb Juice Concentrate and Amaranthus Leaf Extract
  • Use during exercise
  • Reduced oxygen cost of exercise
  • Improved exercise efficiency
  • Informed Sport tested


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