SIS – Rego Rapid Recovery Plus 1.54 KG


REGO Rapid Recovery Plus provides a complete recovery product to be consumed immediately after prolonged or intense exercise when you need to replenish your energy stores and promote muscle recovery. Containing a blend of CARBOHYDRATE, WHEY PROTEIN, BCAAS, L-GLUTAMINE with VITAMINS and MINERALS REGO Rapid Recovery+ is also an ideal food supplement to help you meet your macro-nutrient needs.

Rapid replenishment of your glycogen stores and the provision of protein help you to get the most from your training and prepare you for your next session.

We recommend not to exceed more than three servings per day. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Store in a cool dry place.

1. High quality blend of carbohydrate (22g), protein (20g) and electrolytes with vitamins and minerals

2. 184 calories per serving

3. Designed to be consumed within 30 minutes post-exercise


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