Smart Shake – Eco Bottle 650ml

More style, less impact

Made in Sweden from sugar cane biomass waste and natural cork. We also use more than 70% renewable energy like wind and water power in the manufacturing of this product. The Eco- bottle is actually CO2 negative when it is delivered in Northern Europe – which really is positive. Fill it with tap water and you will be saving at least 300 times the energy compared to buying bottled water. We think it is a big deal.

Stay positive – go CO2 negative

The best way to hydrate is to bring your own. Forget about buying bottled water or big-brand sugary sports drinks. The EcoBottle comes with the best environmental footprint you can get. It actually makes things better.


Capacity: Bottle 650 ml / 22 oz.

Material: HDPE Bio and natural cork. Tested for US/EU food safe standards. Dishwasher safe in top rack 55 C / 130 F.


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