SOS – Hydrate Drink (10 sachets)

  • MULTITUDE OF USES – Perfect for health & wellness, travel & hot climates and sports & exercise
  • PREMIUM INGREDIENTS ONLY – No artificial ingredients or preservatives – Keto certified
  • WORKS FASTER – Dissolves 20x faster than an electrolyte tablet
  • Perfect for health & wellness, travel & hot climates and sports & exercise
  • 10 Sachets per pack

The Problem

Dehydration can lead to a 25% loss in performance. Sports drinks dont replace the correct amount of electrolytes in the body. We (and most runners) used to make our own concoctions because the sports sugar based drinks just dont work. The so-called sports drink companies have formulas that are almost 40 years old.

We know of some sports drink companies who sponsor Teams and complete self fulfilling research at universities which they pay, that endorse the ‘sugar is needed’ myth to please the general populations artificial sweet taste buds.  In the meantime contributing to kids obesity and poor dental health – ignoring the fact that their sponsored elite athletes dont use their products.

The Solution

So with real medical credentials for combating dehydration and first hand world-class athletic experience, SOS have a team who could test and medically trial the best formulas to solve dehydration once and for all.

(Doctor) Blanca set to work creating a hydration formula specifically designed for active lifestyles based off the best medical science and the best sporting research into sweat loss using Tom, James and friends as the product testers.

The Result

A hydration drink mix as effective as an IV drip. A hydration drink that replaces the correct amount of electrolytes and not a token gesture. A hydration drink that is Low in calories / Low in sugar product. A hydration drink thats focus is purely and only electrolyte replacement for the athlete. Oh, and its also good for active lifestyles and the odd celebratory next day hangover too.


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