USN – Tornado Shaker (700ml)

Create a smoother shake – Create smooth, lump-free protein shakes with USN’s Tornado protein shake bottle. Its design encourages a vortex with the mixture inside while you shake, helping you make simple work of protein powders and gym supplements.

BPA Free and easy to clean – The USN Tornado Shaker bottle is 100% BPA free and is dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher.

A protein shaker bottle with storage – Take your workout nutrition with you everywhere you go. Our protein shake bottle comes with an easily-accessible compartment at the bottom, letting you store additional supplements or extra powder wherever you’re travelling.

Large volume capacity – Make the most of your workout nutrition. Our large shaker bottle holds a massive 700ml of fluid and has both metric and imperial fluid measurements on the side. Easily measure out the exact amount you need before or after training.

Designed to prevent leaks – Never lose a drop of your shake with our Tornado Shaker. Every Tornado Shaker is designed with a rubber seal around the inner mesh to prevent leaks, reduce accidents and keep your shake mix exactly where it should be.


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