Veloforte – Energy Gels (24 x 33g)

Forget everything you dread about synthetic gels… welcome to the new world of 100% natural liquid energy. Introducing Velofortes breakthrough range of energy gels – natural, powerful & refreshingly pure – made with real fruit and nature’s finest electrolytes. Created to help you #fuelbetter

Deliciously smooth, gentle on your stomach & refreshing for the palate too, our Nectars provide the ‘optimal balance of 100% natural ingredients’ with all-day performance in mind. Available in the following flavours:


Beetroot & Lemon

Primo is a welcome break from super-sweet-fuel. Made from earthy beetroot with a hint of lemon, it is packed with natural pure electrolytes plus 22g of natural energy. Perfect to help keep your palate refreshed.


Date, Lemon & Ginger

An energising blend of Dates & a zingy hit of Ginger & Lemon provide 22g of natural energy plus the purest electrolytes – everything you need to fuel you further, longer & stronger.


Maple, Coffee & Guarana

Each Doppio delivers an invigorating mix of 22g of natural energy, pure electrolytes & 75mg of natural caffeine – restore, refresh & re-energise with improved alertness & concentration.


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