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Romy is running with Colin…

Colin Thomas is running with Romy It’s Monday lunchtime and I’m meeting Colin Thomas for a run and a chat. I was a bit worried about being able to keep up when I looked up his times – his 10K PB is under 33 minutes! But Colin is nice and keeps the pace easy. I’ve […]

Race Organiser

2020 has, easy to say, been a challenging year for us all. Whilst appreciating the severe hardships and, in some cases tragic events this year had brought to some people, I thought I’d share the somewhat trivial concerns of being a race organiser! I’d like to point out, I am most certainly in no way comparing […]

“What Should I Do Coach?”

“What should I do coach?” As COVID19 spread, the world progressively went into some kind of lockdown. There was one question consistently ringing in my ear from fellow runners. One thing was for sure, this was an opportunity for us to use some time wisely. I started creating “Running Made Easy,” an online course for […]