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Kx5 Race Report

Kings Park, Race Report The inaugural event in Kings Park, Kx5; the first in the series, South By Five also known as Sx5. The skies over the park threaetened rain. They were to come good with their threats, but fortunately for the most part just the volunteers packing down caught the brunt of the weather, […]

Jim, King of the Park

Jim in Kings Park

So i’ve finally got to the bottom of this running around in dark in Kings Park malarkey! It all became clear one morning, I’d barely finished my full body stretch-shake my flappy ears routine, when we were off; pitch black, half asleep in the Bash mobile. I’ll just finish off that sleep thinks I.. Oh […]

Paws for running

PAWS IN A PUDDLE Now, there has been some strange behaviour going on round my way.. It started last (eh, do days have names?!..) Some time ago anyway, we dropped Kei off with her cub pack and then went to a new park I hadn’t seen before. In fact at this point I still hadn’t […]