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Romy is running with Colin…

Colin Thomas is running with Romy It’s Monday lunchtime and I’m meeting Colin Thomas for a run and a chat. I was a bit worried about being able to keep up when I looked up his times – his 10K PB is under 33 minutes! But Colin is nice and keeps the pace easy. I’ve […]

A Hip Runner

Paddy sunrise Kilpatricks

Running with Paddy Bayliss It’s a bright Saturday morning, clear skies and sunshine, but cold – autumn has definitely kicked in. I’m driving to Clydebank to meet Paddy Bayliss for a chat and a run around the Kilpatrick Hills. I like getting to know other runners. Hearing their stories, talking about PBs, races, why they […]

Lockdown Running With Romy

A Lockdown Runner I lace up my trainers and start running down my street. It’s Tuesday lunchtime, and I’m heading out for a 8k loop around the area. I’ve been working from home for the last 12 years and I like to take a mental break halfway through my day to run errands or train. […]

Clews Lockdown Streak

Colin Clews celebrates 150 days of running every day Last week I went to see my friend and massage therapist Colin Clews in Renfrew for a leg rub. He himself hasn’t had a proper massage since lockdown. “Usually I go and see one of my therapist colleagues, but everyone has been so busy since we’ve […]