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Clews Lockdown Streak

Colin Clews celebrates 150 days of running every day Last week I went to see my friend and massage therapist Colin Clews in Renfrew for a leg rub. He himself hasn’t had a proper massage since lockdown. “Usually I go and see one of my therapist colleagues, but everyone has been so busy since we’ve […]

Running Safely

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Running Safely Running is one of the most important and popular ways of keeping fit – both physically and mentally. It is important to train sensibly not only in terms of setting achievable aims and goals, but also to keep safe. You will never get that PB if you get hit by a moving car […]

“What Should I Do Coach?”

“What should I do coach?” As COVID19 spread, the world progressively went into some kind of lockdown. There was one question consistently ringing in my ear from fellow runners. One thing was for sure, this was an opportunity for us to use some time wisely. I started creating “Running Made Easy,” an online course for […]

Migo Mile race starts in iconic Glasgow park


First footing Sunday 24th November saw the first open event of the Migo Mile. With October’s event, closed and a test event for Glasgow South Road Runners, yesterday’s race was the first official running. With a slight confusion over age limits, a couple of eager juniors were allowed to race. Not wanting to disappoint and […]

Running for Beginners

Hello, I’m Jordan. This is my first blog post for The Run Bible so, before we get on with the post I’ll tell you a little more about myself – don’t worry I’ll keep it brief. I’m a Track & Field Athlete from West Yorkshire and compete almost all weekends throughout the track season, I’m […]

Dick Wedlock and the Masterplan

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Hi Niece! It’s a solemn affair, lining up at the start of a race when you’ve properly tapered according to ‘the book’…no excuses to hide behind if you have a disappointing run. This was supposed to be our real life trial of consecutive week 10k and half-Marathon races to see if it’s really feasible to […]

Annan River Race

Two runners complete the race at Annan

Dear Niece One of the rubbish things about losing ground on your fitness is feeling unreasonably tired for an unreasonably long time after a race. No way I’m agreeing it’s old age 😂 Track on Thursday night (4 days after the DUNE HM, big hills, blizzards etc) was an exercise in grim determination, a time […]