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Farewell to a 2022 season of (mostly) road running….Part Four…The Finale

Final two months of a long race year In the first 10 months of the year, if you include parkruns (which I’d ran at race pace), I’d ran 48 races. That’s over one per week! They’d been of varying distance and terrain, which had really helped me stay ‘sharp’ for the big events.  I’m not […]

Farewell to a 2022 season of (mostly) road running….Part THREE…

Recap… In my 2022 review parts one (here) and two (here), I’d took you through my gradual progression in the first half of the year – getting stronger, fitter and increasing my endurance levels. In May, I’d belted out a couple of trail races, ran a 10km PB, survived a very testing long training weekend […]

Farewell to a 2022 season of (mostly) road running….Part Two…

Recap from part one… In my last post here, I told you how 2021 had gone and of my fitness levels entering the new year. I had a few major mazza’s lined up, some time-related targets, I’d joined a running club (Blackburn Road Runners) – most of all I wanted to get more miles in […]

Pendle Way In A Day Ultra

Pendle Way marker

Pendle Way In A Day. It was some day. There was mud à plenty. Hills and inclines seemed more prevalent the descents and downhills. And wind. Wind, no matter what direction you faced it seemed it was a headwind. A constant companion for the 40-odd miles of the way. Now I say “40-odd”, as this […]

South By Five – Px5 – Pollok Park

Race 4 Pollok Park Px5 Race 4 in Pollok Park was nearly a non-event. Frost and ice had played havoc with the local parkrun events across Glasgow on Saturday. Numerous cancellations included Pollok Park. With this in mind the Race Director, Alex announced on Saturday afternoon the race start would be delayed 30 minutes to […]

Rouken Glen Rx5 Race report

Rouken Glen waterfall

South By Five – Rx5 Junior parkrun in Rouken Glen left us with a slightly later start time than the previous events. It still didn’t give some folk enough time to get to the start line on time! A few folk lost through the glen, marshals contacting race control to say runners were on their […]

Trossachs Trail Marathon splendour

Trossachs TRail marathon view from the hill

TROSSACHS TRAIL MARATHON A cold and misty start to the inaugural Trossachs Trail Marathon (Strava). Billed as a “boutique event” by the race director, just ten runners toed the line.A tough and undulating route beckoned, and after a short race brief in the cold winter air runners where underway.Quickly up the hill and onto the […]

Lx5 Report

lx5 ducks

South By Five – Lx5 Linn Park was host to the second in the South By Five series. Race two promised to be muddy and wet. Given how soaked the course had been during the week, the puddles had receded somewhat, but plenty of mud remained. Linn Park is Glasgow’s biggest public park (pedantic definition, […]

Kx5 Race Report

Kings Park, Race Report The inaugural event in Kings Park, Kx5; the first in the series, South By Five also known as Sx5. The skies over the park threaetened rain. They were to come good with their threats, but fortunately for the most part just the volunteers packing down caught the brunt of the weather, […]

Paws for running

PAWS IN A PUDDLE Now, there has been some strange behaviour going on round my way.. It started last (eh, do days have names?!..) Some time ago anyway, we dropped Kei off with her cub pack and then went to a new park I hadn’t seen before. In fact at this point I still hadn’t […]