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Wooler Trail Marathon – the winter crown jewel

Wooler tshirt and medal

  A Winter Wonderland Wooler was a winter wonderland in 2016. Temperatures plummeted, freezing Siberian winds blasted, visibility dropped, hair froze, and beards had icicles! Not to mention this “marathon” was over 28 miles in length with about 5000ft of ascent. By far the most challenging race I’ve ever competed in. And I would be […]

A great run. A shite run and a shitty week

a great run a shite run

If my race at Jedburgh Three Peaks Ultra was a shite run, it was to precede a shite week! Conversely there was an interlude to all this shite! The Antonine Trail Half Marathon is one of my favourite races – its muddy, its hilly, has a fantastic race team and it takes place on my […]