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Six Parks – Really?

Six Parks Relay logo

A relay – through six parks – really? An overdue race report is better than no race report right? Well maybe.. Maybe I’ve missed this moment. A redundancy, a family holiday and a Garmin outage delaying teams results submissions are all the excuses I have lined up to use. And there they are, all used […]

Six Parks Relay

An idea that seemed to come “in a couple of heartbeats”. It wasn’t really difficult. The route was there. It’s a GSRR favourite, and many folk know it. The idea? A relay using the traditional South Side Six route – a six parks relay. To add extra interest, and as guidelines allowed, each leg to […]

Virtual Dick Wedlock Memorial Race results

Dick Wedlock in his prime

Virtual Dick Wedlock Memorial Race With the race calendar tumbling, and on the back of the success we had with the Virtual Migo Mile for May we decided it would be a shame for the Dick Wedlock Race to miss a year – it’s been a consecutive feature of the race calendar for 32 years! […]