Team TRB (The Disciples)


Very tall bloke

Very tall bloke, originally from Helensburgh, with ties to the North East and the North West of England (currently lives in Bamber Bridge (near Preston)). A long suffering Newcastle United (football), Rugby Union (Scotland) and Boxing fan – who started running races around 2012 to escape his regular sporting-related disappointments.


Running facts…

  • Favourite distance: Marathon.
  • Favourite Race (so far): Boston (USA) marathon.
  • Brand of Trainer: Saucony (for road and trails).
  • Worse experience in a run: Skitters before the Great North 10k and having to quickly wet wipe inside of shorts before start.
  • Post-race I always…: Drink Brewdog and scotch whisky.
  • Running hero: Zola Budd

Mrs P & Team
Ace support crew

Mrs P (Michelle) is thankfully quite chilled (needs to be…) and loves the adventures that running takes us on as a family. Reuben is already a keen runner, albeit mostly in circles (at 2.5 years of age, July 2022). Doggie (Black Betty) has seen better days – lucky if we get a 1km run out of her, still epic at ball sprints though (for a 12-year old).


Running facts…

  • Favourite distance: Not very far (end of street).
  • Favourite Race (so far): Running after Reuben & Great North Run.
  • Brand of Trainer: Saucony or Skechers.
  • Worse experience in a run: wetting myself running, shortly after giving birth to Reuby.
  • Post-race I always…: Collapse.
  • Running hero: Callum Hawkins