Race t-shirts going to waste?

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Too many t-shirts! What do you do with all those race t-shirts? I wear mine – obvious choice you may think, but I know many a runner who doesn’t. I regularly read on forums and social media of folk who don’t much care for a race t-shirt or medal (apparently such people exist! Must be southerners 😝) – and their post race goodies find their way to the bin.

But even the most ardent of race t-shirt wearer will soon find that drawer in the cabinet full, or end up wearing the same few t-shirts with their favourite design (race directors are getting very creative!), favourite event, or longest distance being worn most often.

Jedburgh tshirt Too Many t-shirts
Creative t-shirt art from Jedburgh Three Peaks Ultra

I’ve a huge bag in my wardrobe stuffed with t-shirts in various colours, and its a growing pile. Sometimes it saves on doing the laundry – just keep working my way through the bag, and occasionally a race tee pops up that I forgot about. That fabulous half marathon back in ’15….and that simple bit of fabric brings back with it a host of other memories and nostalgia.

A solution for too many t-shirts?

So how best to tap into this well of memories and get those t-shirt in use and on display?

Remembering my granny always had handmade quilts, but having neither the time, patience or skills to do such a thing myself, I entrusted Google with my query and found website which makes t-shirt blankets – Too Many T-Shirts! (https://toomanytshirts.co.uk) Perfect – hit the nail on the head!

A quick scootch around the site, an annoying pop-up (offering me a nice 10% discount – I still don’t like pop-ups, even a nice one like this!), and some social media nosying and it seems this company comes with some rave reviews from their satisfied customers. The product photos look great too. And with a starting at just £79 (before the discount), a very reasonable price and unique and personalised memento of multiple races to wrap yourself into on those cold nights!

cold nigh. too many t-shirts

A couple of emails back and forth later, and I even managed to secure an improved discount – one which I’m happy to share with you guys! Just sign up to The Run Bible newsletter and receive a 15% discount code for use with Too Many T-Shirts, to be used before Christmas. A perfect present if you can sneak those t-shirts away without the recipient noticing!!

I for one will be taking advantage of the discount on offer. All I need to do is decide which t-shirts are Too Many….

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