“What Should I Do Coach?”

“What should I do coach?”

As COVID19 spread, the world progressively went into some kind of lockdown. There was one question consistently ringing in my ear from fellow runners. One thing was for sure, this was an opportunity for us to use some time wisely. I started creating “Running Made Easy,” an online course for runners to learn how to improve their running, anytime, anywhere.

Wanting this course to be accessible and useful to as many people as possible I followed the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid). I set about writing, filming and editing. The plan was to cover the most poignant running topics, including technique, nutrition, strength and conditioning, flexibility and various training sessions. For beginners, I also covered running equipment, motivation and warm ups. Additionally an explanation to why running is so good for us human beings!

The final outcome is a 9 module, circa 2 hours of video content e-course on the Udemy platform.  This luckily is getting great reviews from the running world so far, from the UK, to Switzerland, to Japan! So now when I hear the question, “what should I do coach?” my answer is simple. “Start by signing up to my course.”

The following link will allow you to purchase the course for a discounted price of £13.99. (RRP £39.99)


Colin Thomas

Colin is a Lead Physiologist in the UK, a Sports Scientist, UKA Level 3 Running Coach and Personal Trainer tutor/assessor who works with athletes from beginner to elite, all over the world. He is also a tutor at the Institute of Sport. Colin has regular visits to Kenya, with some of the world’s top athletes and coaches, training at altitude in their quest to reach the top. He has also worked in hospitals, gyms, clinics and fitness centres all over the UK with the general public, amateur and professional sports people, all with the similar aim of improving performance. As a keen running enthusiast himself he is always looking to trial new ways of pushing the limits of human performance. He is a regular speaker at conferences in the UK and abroad, and his written articles are regularly published in running magazines.

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